Part of what makes @thesweettoothinc so unique is the fact that everything used in the base of our products comes from all natural ingredients, with no added preservatives. We believe in delivering organic, healthy baked goods that are easy and perfect for on the go. On Top of that, each recipe is jam packed with protein!

Our products deliver nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body so desperately needs, while still maintaining the same mouth-watering taste unhealthy baked goods bring you. The base of our donuts contains less than 1g of sugar! Because of this we can get creative with our toppings and add little bits of everyone's favourite treats, while still remaining macro friendly.

Our Mission

To create a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying all of the sweets and treats that our cravings desire. We do that by taking every day treats, and turning them into all natural, protein stuffed goods. We want to make a positive impact in communities where we live and work, by bringing deliciously healthy and innovative baking to life. 

Who is Sweet Tooth?

Allow us to Introduce ourselves, so you have a better understanding of what you’re purchasing and who you’re purchasing it from!

We are currently based in Saskatoon and Regina, Saskatchewan, however we don't have a store front, and quite frankly don't need one! All of our sales are made through our online store, and with our fantastic delivery team you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy a delicious baked item of ours.

The Sweet Tooth Inc. was created with the vision in mind of replacing unhealthy baked goods with a more health conscious, yet still delicious alternative. Who doesn’t love indulging in sweets and chocolate? With our baking you can eat all you want without feeling the guilt and negative effects of sugar filled, fattening treats!



We come to work everyday with the same goal in mind - To make the world a healthier place.



When you order with us, your package will be handled and delivered with the utmost diligence and care, directly to your doorstep.

Make the healthy decision without sacrificing any flavour, shop The Sweet Tooth Inc.